Marcus Liberman

Certified PGA Professional

Marcus Portrait.jpg

Marcus Liberman is a PGA Professional with over a decade of experience as a Club Professional. Marcus has been servicing the golf community through the development of the Phillip Island Golf Course, which caters to club members, visitors, social golfers & also the corporate sector.

He prides himself on ensuring the high quality member & guest services and by providing a comprehensive range of merchandise & professional tuition.

Q & A with Marcus Liberman

-       Marcus, how did you get your start in golf?

I started playing golf at the age of 18- which was a great advantage to start so young & build my skills early on.

-       What year did you become a PGA Professional?


-       What has been your best accomplishment within golf?

I’ve had numerous personal goals achieved but the top three would have to be: being awarded the Victorian Club Professional of the Year in 2013, winning the Regional Pro Am of the Year in 2011 & also gaining a Diploma of Management.

-       What is it about golf that you love?

I love the mental challenges that golf gives me. It’s a very rewarding game once you overcome those challenges and see your game improving.
Also, the fresh air that awakens you on an early morning tee time and the changes in the colour of the course that the sun brings to the undulations of a golf course on an afternoon tee time.
I enjoy playing golf by myself.  But I truly enjoy getting a great foursome together for some golf.
I love to play new and strategic golf courses.  I find the discovery of something new on the golf course to be fascinating.  But I also like the actual trip to get there. Whether it is taking a road trip inside Australia or traveling to a new part of the country (or the world), I love it.
Experiencing new cultures, new landscapes, and meeting new people is always interesting and worthwhile to me.
Plus, golf courses are located in some of the most spectacular spots around the world so there’s always a first class view to be enjoyed.
Giving back
I love growing the game giving new instruction to beginner golfers and also junior golfers. I enjoy seeing the growth and confidence in my students. I’ve taken a few classes for the local schools which is also good fun.
The friends
The people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made are the most important thing to me about the game of golf.  I think when you play golf with someone you get a crystal clear insight into what they are like in life.

-       How long have you been teaching golf?

21  years.

-        What’s your favourite driver/putter/club?

I like all my clubs, if you don’t like one it affects all the other clubs & your game.

-       Most common mistake you see in people’s technique?

Bad Alignment. Club golfers and beginner golfers don’t pay enough attention to the way they line up their shots. That’s a big problem. A lot of how good your shot will be begins with your alignment. Lots of bad shots have been blamed on a bad swing, when in reality it’s because their alignment was off.
Your toes should be parallel with your target line. Your feet shouldn’t be pointing at your target. It sounds simple, but it takes some practice to do it consistently every time.

         - Best piece of advice for people starting out at playing golf?

Take golf lessons. It’s important to get your technique right from the beginning to really be able to go on and enjoy the game.